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Prototyping Printed Board Making Machines

MITS Prototyping Printed Board Maker

MITS Electronics is the only manufacturer of prototyping printed board making equipment using milling technology in Japan. In business since 1983, there are now more than about 3,000 MITS prototyping printed board systems in use worldwide.

Since the MITS prototyping printed board system allows users to create a PC board close to the finished product within a day, it effectively shortens development times, cuts costs, and streamlines the overall development process.

              Eleven Lab                                                                                               Eleven Auto

New Standard Model                                                              Popular Auto-Tool-Change Machine
Low-cost, wide range table size, XYZ triple-axes control,              Low-cost, Compact ATC machine, High
high resolution, standard camera monitoring system.                   resolution, standard camera monitoring system.


Specifications and product details are subject to change without notice.
* The above machines have acquired CE marking. 


To Cut Various Materials / Precision Cutting


FP-21T / 21THP

FP-21T Precision

Working area : 350mm x 250mm Working area : 150mm x 150mm

Desktop type with 3-axes control system.
Equipped with high speed & high power

spindle motor.
Air-floatation and non-contact pressure foot

for 21THP.
Ideal system for High-Frequency Circuit,
Teflon Board, Flexible Films.

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50µm (2mil) line and space, the state of the art!
Low vibration, high rigidity and with specially
selected spindle motor.
Stepping method (three dimensional
regulation) and non-contacting pressure foot
(HP type) lead to the fine processing

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High precision, High rigidity, Auto-Tool-Change



X, Y, Z triple-axes control. 10 automatic tool change. Wide working area.
Equipped with high-grade,
torque spindle with
auto-tool change.
Air-floatation type (HP type)
is also available.

Working area : 325mm x 325mm
High-durable spindle motor for heavy processing.
High-rigidity construction.
Suitable for working on various materials in addition to typical substrates.

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Board Making Process

The milling process is employed to produce a shallow channel around the pattern on a plain copper-plated PC board. By leaving the pattern as an island, MITS board makers are able to mill boards with multiple ground surfaces.

When the surface pattern is completed, the holes are drilled and the external shape is produced. Finally, the rubout process can be used to remove unwanted copper plating if desired to produce a board just like the etched board.

Basic Board Making Steps

1. Drilling
First, place a board at the center of the under-plate and secure it with tape on all four sides. Then, set the milling reference point(s) (P1 and, if needed, P2*). Next, drill the reference holes at these points. Now, the other holes can be drilled using drill bits of the required diameters.

* P2 is used for double-sided PC boards. P2 is the reference point used when the board is turned over for milling the other side.

2. Milling the pattern
The milling process produces a shallow channel around the outside of the pattern, leaving it as an island. Boards of multiple ground surfaces can be drilled.

3. Rubout
In the rubout process, unwanted copper plating is trimmed off to produce a board that looks just like a regular etched board.


MITS offers a module that converts circuit pattern data created on a host PCB CAD system (and output in Gerber format). This module then automatically generates the paths (outline) along which the board maker's tools will move.

Patterns can also be created using MITS own EASY CAD software. EASY CAD runs on a Windows XP Pro (SP2), XP Home (SP2), Vista , 7 *Not support 64bit os platform.

Variety of Models of Prototypying Printed Board Makers

MITS offers variety of models to choose from. At the affordable end of the line is the "Eleven Lab",  and at the high end is the high-speed, high-precision Desk-top type Prototyping machine for the first time in the world! Prototype PC Board Maker with 50 micron Line/Space with automatic tool change, built-in CCD camera and 2D auto-measuring functions.


  • Shortens development times
  • What you see on the screen is what the board maker produces
  • Makes boards quickly and at low cost
  • No chemical processes are used; operation is completely clean
  • Ideal for producing trial boards or small quantities of boards
  • Rigid body structure which enables precision milling of PCB